Saturday, February 2, 2013

A not so new, new beginning

Greetings to all you crazies out there reading my first blog post! By crazies, of course, I mean fellow gamers. If you have read anything from +Studio Arkhein's blog, Rather Gamey, you have more than likely read about the Redshirts campaign using the Stars Without Number system. He refers to me as "Felipe," and my character in the campaign was Lt. Mark V (five).

I have also been mentioned on +Maple Snuzzles' blog, Syrupy Gaming, as "Zak'Thar." My character in his current All Flesh Must Be Eaten campaign, dubbed The Colony, is Kevin Jacobs, a young, dedicated man, doing all he can in order to keep his colony building in population and having the proper equipment needed to stay alive.

These are just two campaigns I have been a part of recently, among another that has just began, which uses the Tephra role playing game system. Tephra is a steam punk style tabletop rpg that uses the d12 as its only die. The system was created by Cracked Monocle, and is quite frankly my favorite system out of all the ones I have played; and yes, I've played quite a few so far.

So, there is the not so new. Now onto the new!
Nolrem, Maple, Dracolon, and Kaye (names subject to change) make up the game group for the Tephra campaign we have started. Nolrem has taken on the role of DM, tossing us into a dark style campaign that is made to scare our characters to their very core. The general theme is C'thulu via steam punk. Time for character breakdown!
  • The Artist - Both name and title for this tiny Gnome, which stands a mere 2 foot tall. He carries around a lute, which he plays interesting battle-songs on, such as the Pink Panther theme song. The Artist is played by Maple.
  • Devak Aveborn - Human by birth, redeemed spirit by faith. Devak is a holy cleric of Jizium, which is a hilarious name that we have appropriately given him flak for. He dons a suit of armor that most Zealots would be jealous of. This devout character is played by Kaye.
  • Kova Saeth - His name literally translates to "Demon of the Night." It's true.. look it up. Okay, I completely made that up, but it's cool and I like it! This young freshwater Ayodin uses his guile to escape sticky situations, and his cunning linguistic skills to talk secretive information out of his captives. Kova is played by yours truly.
  • Poratus Bland - This Ayodin has taken on the shamanistic approach to life, calling upon nature to do his bidding. He constantly wreaks of moldy mud and moss, yet doesn't seem to attract much more attention than simply being an Ayodin. This nature-loving sea-dweller is played by Dracolon.
Thus we have the start of a new campaign, which will prove to be quite interesting and terrifying all at the same time, kind of like hearing your parents having sex in the other room when you are 8 years old. Hmm.. did I say that out loud?

This, and more, next time in.. The Den of Quick Demise.

- Zak'Thar.


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